99.9% Website Uptime

This all begins with uptime. What good is a fast website if it’s offline?

What good is your website if it's offline?

Our team has been operating online businesses for over 20 years and we know just how much an hour of downtime can cost your business.

It’s absurd some providers attempt to sell uptime as a “premium” feature when it should be the standard. At ProHosting we stand behind our commitment to provide a high-speed, reliable, and scalable web hosting service to individuals and small businesses that is easy and affordable, regardless the size of their website.

Incident Handling

Even with the best hardware, the best software, and a militant monitoring process, it’s inevitable issues are going to come up. Therefore another big part of our uptime is credited to our ProHosting team and how incidents are handled.

With our three main levels of monitoring in place, when incidents arise, we promptly take action to begin resolving them. Regardless the incident size, we also believe in transparency and flow of information to our customers. Our Network Status page inside our customer interface allows the ability to see what exactly is going on and how it is being dealt with.

99.9% Actual Website Uptime

At ProHosting we provide web hosting services with 99.9% Website Uptime, meaning your website stays online 99.9% of the time. Not our servers. Not our network. This is a bold claim that many providers are scared to stand behind. We are so serious about it, we publish third-party uptime monitoring reports annually to be fully transparent with our customers.

How We Monitor For Uptime

Frequently customers will call BS on this claim, which given the track record of the web hosting industry, we understand! Therefore we feel it’s important to not only disclose the above uptime reports, but to explain our monitoring process:


Our Proprietary Platform

The core of Hostbaxlies within our proprietary platform that was built specifically to handle high traffic websites. We only use top-of-the-line hardware and partner with the best software vendors in the industry.

Network Management Center Monitoring

We have a dedicated 24x7x365 NOC monitoring team that watches our servers AND network constantly. In the case that an issue does create a service disruption every effort possible is immediately taken.

Third Party Server Uptime Monitoring

We also use Pingdom as a third-party monitoring service where we setup a specific location on each server that is constantly pinged to see if it is available. When the ping fails to respond, we immediately get a notification.

Server Response Monitoring

If a server begins to trend upward in response time, then an outage could be coming. We closely monitor this to see if there is an underlying issue that maybe approaching.