Bringing to you the next generation technology, ProHosting has once again proved itself in bringing you the first-class augment reality experience through apps that speak of high quality and great functionality. Get ready to view a whole new world of technology!



Harnessing your idea and giving it a life like form, is what the experts at ProHosting do. We redefine the concepts and basic ideologies of our clients, making every impossible stance into something amazingly possible. We strategize and analyze the concepts at every step, involve the clients so that the end product with augmented reality is even better than your expectation.

Because the future hold various new opportunities in it, our company strives to tap every dimension leading to the best solutions for your business problems, and the hunger for creating something extraordinary is what drives our experts to design apps that are best of all. Here are the different features of designing ProHosting gladly offers its clients:

  • Augmented 2-D & 3-D effects
  • Seamless navigation features
  • Integration for E-commerce
  • Creativity for foolproof branding
  • Uninterrupted accessibility to 3-Dimensional space
  • Device based integration
  • Animated & enhanced AR effects

Augmented reality 2-D 3-D app development
augmented reality app dev services in Pakistan


Playing games that depict reality, what more could one ask for? From games to apps, virtual reality has become the new “cool” these days and everyone is trying hard to get their hands dirty. When it comes down to augmented reality and designing the best apps, ProHosting has always topped the list of names in this field. Serving clients from various industries, our company never leaves any loose ends and grabbing every new opportunity is what we do best.

Using their adroit skills and endless knowledge, the experts at our end have always been successful in tailoring customized apps for web and mobiles so that when you switch on your devices to play games, you can have a near to reality experience with a click only. We promise to use the front-line technology to come up with products and apps that not only run with great functionality but embellish features that are perfect, highlighting the essences of reality to every bit.


Excellence comes with hard work, unique ideas and implementation of the right strategies and this is what ProHosting does to win the race of technological advancement. Our group of designers, developers and augment reality specialists put in their best efforts to cater to every client’s individual needs and with in-depth analysis of the concepts, they draw apps that best fit to the changing demands of the business.

Whatever our experts do for you is contribution towards making your business a success not only in terms of improving functionality and profits but also attracting potential customers. We promise to provide high-quality products with experience of augmented reality at its best!

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